Consumer Goods

Finding new skills for new ways of shopping all over the world

Well informed consumers who are always on the lookout for the best online offers are just one of the challenges that the consumer goods industry will have to face in the coming years. Multi-channel shopping is shaping the future of FMCG eCommerce, which is growing worldwide by more than 4%.

In order to be successful, this industry needs to take short, quick decision-making routes and utilise quantifiable long-term marketing strategies. The transformation of this industry requires executives that have new skills.

Our Competence Centre is familiar with the consumer goods industry – and is able to evaluate the leadership needs of both SMEs and conglomerates. Our customers benefit from our extensive experience. Utilise our skills during the selection of executives for the segments

  • food
  • cosmetics and beauty
  • retail
  • fashion

We will also use our international network in the EMEA and Asia regions to find the best candidates to meet your needs. In this area, we are particularly at home in emerging markets with a lot of potential for growth.

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