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For many human resources consultancies, successfully placing a candidate is where the job ends. For Steinbach & Partner, this is just the beginning of the partnership.

We are an agile boutique that keeps sight of our customers’ needs both today and tomorrow, that seeks and finds all over the world, and makes unexpected recommendations – that always create value.

Our ideal is to create an inspiring community with our customers in order to foster talent, further develop executives and promote responsible entrepreneurship.

Welcome to Steinbach & Partner.



Steinbach & Partner Continues Pro Bono Coaching and Consulting Program
Steinbach & Partner Continues Pro Bono Coaching and Consulting Program for Two Charities Steinbach & Partner’s owners and partners continue their pro bono programs for 2 charities, Off Road Kids in Germany and Kamonohashi Project in Japan, despite the present situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.… More

Steinbach & Partner London
It has been long overdue for Steinbach & Partner to have a noticeable presence in the UK Executive Search Market.     Brexit has provided this opportunity because we believe that Trade & People Movement with Continental Europe will undergo a paradigm shift and throw up new recruitment avenues… More

The “NENIs” the emerging entrepreneur women in Mexico
The “NENIs”: the emerging entrepreneur women in Mexico Creativity pays off, especially in times of need. And if you doubt it, just ask a woman –preferably, a Mexican “NENI”. But, what is a “NENI” and how did the word emerge? The Covid-driven economic crisis that began in… More

Rank 4 in the Satisfaction Study of Wirtschafts-Woche
The leading German business magazine, WirtschaftsWoche, gave Steinbach & Partner the 4th rank in their customer satisfaction survey for Executive Recruitment companies for Small and Middle-sized companies (SMEs). Factors such as competence and price-performance-ratio were assessed to determine the ranking. The new… More