Unlocking Everyone's Potential

For many human resources consultancies, successfully placing a candidate is where the job ends. For Steinbach & Partner, this is just the beginning of the partnership.

We are an agile boutique that keeps sight of our customers’ needs both today and tomorrow, that seeks and finds all over the world, and makes unexpected recommendations – that always create value.

Our ideal is to create an inspiring community with our customers in order to foster talent, further develop executives and promote responsible entrepreneurship.

Welcome to Steinbach & Partner.



40 years of Steinbach & Partner
Bournemouth. Last week we celebrated our 40th anniversary with the whole team. We met in Bournemouth, a beautiful village in the south of England. In various workshops and group discussions, we reflected on current challenges in our daily work and jointly developed our strategy for the future. "Reflecting on… More

Why we favor Hogan Assessments
When matching clients with candidates, we first get a comprehensive picture of the company's vision and the candidate's motivation. We ensure sustainable satisfaction for both sides when both go together. Contrary to common assumptions, the current CV is not the decisive factor! Much rather, the question is why… More

Once again: Top position in WiWo ranking
According to a study published by Wirtschaftswoche, Steinbach & Partner has once again been recognized as one of the best HR consultancies for SMEs. A total of 593 service providers from 48 sectors were evaluated. Steinbach & Partner has been ranked as one of the best B2B service providers in the SME… More

Do you know your Ikigai?
In Japanese culture, there is a fascinating concept called Ikigai, which literally means "reason for living". It is about living a meaningful and fulfilling life. The concept, which has existed in Japanese culture for ages, first gained wider popularity with the publication of Japanese psychiatrist Mieko… More