Personalities with a whole lot of horsepower – for an industry on the move

The automotive industry is facing the most significant upheavals that it has faced in decades. Globalisation and competition are increasing, while market players are being captivated by eMobility solutions and the possibilities provided by connecting vehicles and infrastructure. All of this means that companies increasingly need to scrutinise their business models and set new strategic courses. To do so, they need executives who can swiftly anticipate revolutionary changes in the markets and who have the courage and ability to react appropriately.

Our team at the Automotive Competence Centre uses its extensive in-depth market experience to advise and recruit top executives. We are at home in the world’s most important automotive industry markets, which means that we are able to manage search projects in a targeted manner across borders and recruit the best talent for you.

As industry specialists, we are familiar with the trends of the automotive sector: electric vehicles, climate change mitigation, lightweight construction, and multimedia. The basis of our success is a strong, growing network that comprises all levels of hierarchy and all functions, which we utilise to provide our clients with customised solutions. Our customers and candidates appreciate the fact that we never compromise the quality of the way that we handle their commissions, as well as the way that we communicate smoothly across national borders and the passion with which we provide our services.

We work reliably and with a long-term focus for automotive manufacturers, for suppliers, for the manufacturers of trailers, superstructures and buses, and for engineering companies.

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