Excellent guidance through processes of transformation

Our qualified, experienced coaches will help you and your team to maximise your personal and professional potential. We will acompany you through the changes, invite you to participate in self-reflection and set thought processes in motion.

How coaching with Steinbach & Partner benefits you:

  • Personal growth will help you to lead more successfully
  • The extensive experience we have gained in a wide range of corporate situations and leadership personalities helps us to understand your situation
  • Your personal coach is somebody who you can speak to on an equal footing
  • You can also work on global and intercultural topics with our internationally experienced experts

Coaching is helpful in the following situations:

For individuals:

  • An executive assumes a new role or starts work in a new organisation
  • An executive is seen as high potential
  • An employee is leading a team for the first time as an executive
  • A member of leadership only has a few colleagues at his or her level
  • An owner/director rarely receives open feedback
  • An executive is facing a major challenge

For an organisation or a team:

  • An executive wants to change attitudes or the culture
  • An organisation is changing, for example, after an M&A process
  • There is a start-up or a new organisation in development

The coaching process at Steinbach & Partner

  • Participants and coaches get to know each other. During this stage, we examine whether we can establish a positive working relationship
  • We set out the scope of the commission together. It can be helpful to survey a certain reference group in this respect
  • Participation in the Hogan Personality Inventory
  • Regular meetings over a period of six to 12 months
  • Quality review at the end of the coaching process with the client and the coach. This feedback can also be given added objectivity by resurveying the same reference group that was surveyed when the contract was commissioned

Our Coaches

Noriko Takagi
Fukuoka, Japan
Telephone +86 21 6495 9280
Dr. Oliver Geb
Frankfurt, Germany
Telephone +49 6172 17935-70
Daniela Mesbah
Frankfurt, Germany
Telephone +49 6172 17935-80
Annie Hung
Telephone +86 21 6495 9282