Insiders looking for insiders: our Industry 4.0 competence

In the future, there will be a fundamental change in the way that goods are developed and manufactured throughout the world. Digitalisation is providing the entire industrial sector with huge opportunities: increased efficiency, greater proximity to customers and the conservation of resources. At the same time, Industry 4.0 is increasing the demands being placed on executives. More than ever, they have to think about the big picture – and foster a company culture that provides ensures company health. health benefits. This means that decisions need to be made on the basis of real-time data – and that responsibilities need to be delegated.

Our Industrial Competence Centre team has years of experience advising a range of segments in the manufacturing industry when it comes to staff recruitment:

  • machine-tool building
  • automation, measuring, steering and regulation technology
  • plant engineer, special engineering and process engineering
  • power electronics and drive engineering

Our domestic and international industry experience means that we know where we have to look to find the right person. We are familiar not only with the market trends and special requirements of industrial manufacturing companies, but also with their international standards, specifications and certifications. You need an insider to find an insider, which is how our consultants use their industry experience to find top executives for you.

Keeping the long-term success of our clients in mind, we continuously and critically examine and update the job profile in line with the executives you are looking for. This is how we face up to the paradigm shift that has come about through Industry 4.0. Important factors are, for example, resilience, leading teams that are diverse in terms of age, gender and culture, and using modern communication technologies. We structure the selection and assessment process for our candidates accordingly. We use a structured selection process to systematically analyse their skills profiles and review them using a range of different methods and tools such as scientifically validated personality assessments.

Our close-knit network comprises company founders, competency initiatives and topic-specific working groups. We work actively within these networks, scrutinise the labour market and establish connections to top talents in the industry.

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