Social Commitment

We assume social responsibility for our communities and actively contribute to shaping a world where we can continue to live authentically and happily. We have signed the Charta der Vielfalt (Diversity Charta) and are committed to working on social and charitable projects. In addition to financial aid, we support the institutions in a very hands-on way with our knowledge, network, and dedication. Unlocking everyone's potential: We focus on organizations that look after people who do not have good starting and living conditions and work directly with them.

Our contribution to corporate social responsibility

The Off Road Kids Stiftung (Off Road Kids Foundation) supports disadvantaged children, adolescents, and young adults with little or no family support in urgent need.

The Kamonohashi Project works to combat human trafficking by educating, linking key institutions, empowering trafficked persons, and providing an environment for education.

The Stiftung Kinderzukunft (Foundation for the Future of Children) arranges aid for children in need. In addition to numerous projects worldwide, the foundation runs children's villages in Guatemala, Romania, and Bosnia and Herzegovina and offers the children a safe home. It provides them with basic care as well as sound schooling and vocational training.

We provide

  • Pro bono professional services for recruiting specialists or managers
  • Advice on organizational development

  • Individual leadership coaching

  • Team coaching for the leadership team

  • Financial support, our network, and our manpower

News on our current projects can be found here.