Steinbach & Partner Continues Pro Bono Coaching and Consulting Program


Steinbach & Partner Continues Pro Bono Coaching and Consulting Program for Two Charities

Steinbach & Partner’s owners and partners continue their pro bono programs for 2 charities, Off Road Kids in Germany and Kamonohashi Project in Japan, despite the present situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of in person, coaching sessions and HR consultation is being provided by video call. This continues Steinbach & Partner’s ongoing commitment to help both their local and the global community and is a continuation of the program that started in 2018.

Since 1993 Off Road Kids has been helping street children and young homeless people in Germany, to get off the street with a mix of practical assistance and providing perspective and support for the future, through stations in Berlin, Dortmund, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, & Cologne, and often on the street itself where their clients are.
Covid-19 has disrupted their daily work significantly, as social distancing is required, so leaders and management are working hard on flexible approaches like online support to continue their work.
The leaders from all stations have been participating in team coaching sessions since 2018 and “it transformed the team from a group of individual fighters into a homogeneous team”, says Colin Emde, Branch Manager from Cologne.   („aus einer Gruppe von Einzelkämpfern ein homogenes Team zu formen“) 

Kamonohashi Project started in Japan in 2002 as an NPO with the primary mission to create a world without human trafficking by running programs dedicated to child welfare, human rights, and the empowerment of marginalized communities. Currently, their main programs are in various locations in Cambodia and India. 
Steinbach & Partner has been providing organizational advice and HR consultation and coaching for their leadership teams. One of the great values they got was the “creation of new ideas and aspects they got through the dialogue with a third party coach & consultant, where they could find their blind spots fast to include them or to change something quickly”, says the Public Relations & Fundraising Director, Ms Mizuyo Kobatake.  

 If you’d like to find out more or contribute to either of these charities, please visit the respective websites below and