Why we favor Hogan Assessments


When matching clients with candidates, we first get a comprehensive picture of the company's vision and the candidate's motivation. We ensure sustainable satisfaction for both sides when both go together. Contrary to common assumptions, the current CV is not the decisive factor! Much rather, the question is why the past has led us to where we stand today and how much curiosity and courage the candidate is able to contribute to elevating the client’s business to the next level. 

So – of course - we aim to make the best predictions when matching both. Therefore, our approach is based on personality tests, which we conduct with the utmost care. Numerous personality tests are available today. At Steinbach & Partner, we always test available methodologies personally and discuss the results in detail. The attached document shows why we favor Hogan Assessments. Nevertheless, we will not solely rely on data but apply our expertise to correctly interpret the results to ultimately find the perfect match. You can find more information about our assessments and contact persons here.