Steinbach & Partner at the Wirtschaftsrat der CDU


Steinbach & Partner discuss "New Work" leadership models with C-Level leaders and owners at the Wirtschaftsrat der CDU, Stuttgart.

Family-owned medium-sized companies are often cited as being the backbone of Germany’s social market economy. Many of these companies have formed a commission to ensure they are involved in actively improving the political framework to enable global transformation for their competitive advantage.

At the last meeting, the topic of "values" was on the agenda. In addition to Uwe Rittmann, Head of Family Businesses and Medium-Sized Enterprises, PwC Germany, Dr. Peter Becker, one of the managing partners of Steinbach & Partner, was invited to speak.

Under the heading "Leadership in the 4.0 Work World —  What Values Matter", Dr. Becker used current surveys and key figures to point out that “business as usual” with regards to leadership will lead to an acute threat to competitiveness and that the statement, derived from studies, "employees leave managers and not the company" underlines the importance of dignified management of employees.

The themes were discussed in a lively discussion and the responsibility of top executives at the companies was highlighted. Without daily, authentic, examples of the values and the associated management culture, it will become increasingly difficult to find the specialists and managers necessary for growth, and retain them.