Unlocking Everyone's Potential

For many human resources consultancies, successfully placing a candidate is where the job ends. For Steinbach & Partner, this is just the beginning of the partnership.

We are an agile boutique that keeps sight of our customers’ needs both today and tomorrow, that seeks and finds all over the world, and makes unexpected recommendations – that always create value.

Our ideal is to create an inspiring community with our customers in order to foster talent, further develop executives and promote responsible entrepreneurship.

Welcome to Steinbach & Partner.



Modern, digital, and innovative: Steinbach & Partner has been awarded ‘Employer of the Future’
Following a multi-stage analysis process, Steinbach & Partner received the Employer of the Future award. Employers of the future are modern and digital, innovative, and provide modern working conditions. These aspects are particularly attractive to young, highly qualified employees and important for the future… More

PC donation Stiftung Kinderzukunft
Computer science lessons are ensured: Steinbach & Partner has donated new personal computers   Doing good is sometimes very close: The Stiftung Kinderzukunft has its headquarters in Germany near our Frankfurt office. The foundation has been supporting aid projects for children worldwide for 35 years.… More

Steinbach & Partner Asia meets up in Thailand
The Steinbach & Partner Asia team convened earlier this month in Bangkok for our first full-team gathering in almost a year, after pandemic-related travel restrictions were lifted across the region. Beyond the catch-ups with customers and partners, there was an attempt to learn how to cook proper Thai food, a… More

Steinbach & Partner helps at the Tafel distribution center in Steinau/Main Kinzig district
There are over 960 food banks in Germany with one mission: save food and help people affected by poverty. The Tafel collect food that can no longer be sold and pass it on to people in need who cannot afford a balanced diet. With over 60,000 helpers, the Tafel are one of the largest socio-ecological movements in… More