Unlocking Everyone's Potential

For many human resources consultancies, successfully placing a candidate is where the job ends. For Steinbach & Partner, this is just the beginning of the partnership.

We are an agile boutique that keeps sight of our customers’ needs both today and tomorrow, that seeks and finds all over the world, and makes unexpected recommendations – that always create value.

Our ideal is to create an inspiring community with our customers in order to foster talent, further develop executives and promote responsible entrepreneurship.

Welcome to Steinbach & Partner.



We love to turn words into action
When selecting a perfect candidate for an interesting job, experience has shown that our expertise is not only required for high-quality recruitment but also for knowledge of the economic situation and the political and cultural environment. Our collaboration with the Egelhof Group has led to our Managing Partner… More

Why we love to invest in the future
living brain GmbH focuses on the topic of everyday rehabilitation in virtual reality. The company develops therapy software for people with neurological disorders, combining neuroscience, gamification, and virtual reality. "As an HR consultancy, it is a matter close to our hearts to support companies in their… More

Happy Spring Festival 2024!
We are joining the festive spirit of the Chinese New Year and the Year of the Dragon. In China and some other parts of East and Southeast Asia, the New Year or Spring Festival is the most important holiday season of the year. Millions of people are already on their way to travel to their families from all over the… More

Goodbye 2023, welcome 2024!
There is magic in every new beginning. Together with our wonderful team, we are proud and happy to look back on a challenging and successful 2023. And we look forward to the 40th anniversary of Steinbach & Partner in 2024 with great joy. Reflecting the old, embracing the new: We sincerely thank our companions for… More