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Re-invent your customer benefit

The third in our series of Round Table Events focusing on “Leadership 4.0“ with top-level executives took place in November 2018. We all shared experiences and gained inspiration from our practical work with Digital Leadership. Our generous host was DIEHL Metering in Nuremberg, a company who successfully meet the challenges of digitalization by starting and running the innovation center “DIEHL Metering NEO”.

"If you don´t cannibalize yourself, someone else will." (Steve Jobs)

Dr. Christoph Sosna, Head of DIEHL Metering NEO, was our Key-Note Speaker. He highlighted the primary challenge for them: “Today, your task is not only to optimize your business model and processes but to explore unknown benefits together with your customers. In order to transform these into new products and services, be agile and efficient!” Our participants gained a deep insight in the work of the innovation center. In addition to that we developed an approach to disruptive change management in a workshop.

What we saw: 

  1. Knowledge about customer requirements is already there in your organization. Stepping into your customer´s shoes and generating ideas about that was an easy task for our participants. 
  2. This is already the entry point for identifying potential customer benefits. 
  3. Some essential factors in your innovation culture are: Openness and creativity, agility and proactiveness.

If you´d like to learn more about Disruption Management and Digital Leadership and/or wish to take part in our next Round Table Event, please do not hesitate to contact us.