Make transformation work...


In these challenging times of digital transformation, shortage of specialists, and increasing demands around sustainability and artificial intelligence, day-to-day business is becoming more and more of a tour de force. If you don't think about tomorrow today, you'll be outdated the day after tomorrow. 'Rethinking the old, embracing the new' is the mantra that we not only live by but also encourage our customers to do so. Because only those who are prepared to embrace change will succeed in the market.

In a study by the German magazine Markt und Mittelstand, the market researchers at Service Value collected around 10,000 opinions from small and medium-sized companies in a new survey and used them to compile a ranking of the best service providers. In HR consulting, we were once again awarded the top rating of 'very high satisfaction'. This makes work even more fun! We are grateful for this wonderful feedback!

Source: Markt und Mittelstand, special edition December 2023