Coaching at the Off Road Kids Stiftung


The Off Road Kids Stiftung is the only nationwide aid organization for street children, young homeless people, and young people acutely threatened by homelessness in Germany. The German Youth Institute (Deutsches Jugendinstitut e.V.) estimates the number of these desperate adolescents and young adults, who are disconnected from all help systems, at at least 40,000.

The foundation aims to find, implement, and stabilize the best possible, sustainable life perspective for each of the young people who are accompanied and supported. The main criteria for this are long-term financial independence, psychological stability, and social integration.

Steinbach & Partner has been supporting the work of the Off Road Kids for 5 years now. Yesterday, the foundation’s leadership team came together for coaching and mediation. "It is my privilege to support this outstanding team,” Noriko Takagi says. “The insights the team gets into the lives of young people are hard to process, and the challenge to be empathetic and at the same time have a professional interaction and respect the boundaries of each team member is immense.”

The feelings that are normally controlled were allowed to be felt. Many conversations and a space of trust were necessary to understand everyone's needs.

  • To openly address and discuss problems is the only way the team can identify the real priorities and find solutions together.
  • Recharging the team and recharging the batteries is essential.

It means a lot to us to support this valuable work. It would be a great pleasure for us to inspire more people with this article to support it: In addition to financial support, the foundation is also looking for sponsors and helpers. Please find more information here