Executive Health Audit (EHA)

Executive Health Audit
Certified in corporate health management

Corporate health management (CHM) is becoming increasingly important, which is why it is necessary to raise executives’ awareness of this issue. We offer an audit that identifies CHM optimisation potential. We team up with EuPD Research GmbH to perform these audits. As a certification body, it developed the Corporate Health Award quality model, which serves as the basis of the audit.

How the executive health audit with Steinbach & Partner benefits you:

  • The audit ensures you are using a quality model based on top-notch research, scientific expertise and tried-and-tested corporate concepts
  • You receive specific recommendations designed to improve a healthy corporate culture − based on benchmark data from more than 300 companies across Germany which have completed the Corporate Health Audit
  • The audit can be performed at any time, established as a measure for promoting health at the workplace and factored into the budget
  • The Corporate Health Award quality seal is awarded to companies whose CHM has achieved a corresponding degree of sophistication
  • It boasts an extensive service catalogue and requires only a small amount of lead time


  • The company’s current state is analysed
  • Concrete examples of best practices based on recommendations for action are provided. These can be used to come up with measures for improvement
  • The audit is set up as a structured dialogue between those responsible for occupational health and the EuPD Research-certified auditor/consultant from Steinbach & Partner

Detailed analysis report:

  • The company receives a summary of the audit in the form of an analysis report within ten days
  • A follow-up meeting for discussing the analysis report can be optionally booked


  • Seals are available to any company audited by Steinbach & Partner on behalf of EuPD Research provided the company completes the audit in the "excellence" category or "with distinction". The seals are licensed by Handelsblatt and offer added value for corporate communications, marketing and employer branding
  • All quality seals are valid for one year and may be used on corporate websites and publications

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Dr.-Ing. Peter Becker
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