Leadership with heart


More and more leaders perceive that successful leadership in the NEW WORK and lifelong learning is a red-hot topic

What began in November 2020 with the book publication "„Führen mit Herz“ (https://bit.ly/2Yj8l6q) and continued in the leadership podcast "shipLeader" has, if you look at the numbers, apparently addressed a topic that will be essential for future entrepreneurial success: Will leaders succeed in creating a culture and a space where people can recognize who they are, unleash their potential and dissolve blockages? In the personality of leaders, we are convinced, we will find the source from which Germany will draw the strength, courage, and determination to recapture its once leading market positions. Impulses and thoughts on this have already encouraged people in the first season of our podcast in more than 4,000 streams. Many hundreds of books can now be found on the desks of managers. Again and again, we receive reports about positive changes in companies. Since a few days we are on the road with season 2 of our podcast and with the new homepage www.fuehrenmitherz.de  we offer a comprehensive possibility to inform oneself and to join the movement to develop leaders with heart.

Here is a link to the newest podcast: shipLeader