Executive Health Day (EHD)

The health day for executives

Health days are now an integral part of efforts to promote health at the workplace. However, these events are not geared towards the specific needs of executives, although an increasing number of executives would also like to enhance and expand their expertise when it comes to corporate health management. We have developed the Executive Health Day (EHD) with precisely these people in mind − a day dedicated to health at the workplace. The event provides participants with practical ways to improve their own behaviour with regard to health.

How the Executive Health Day with Steinbach & Partner benefits you:

  • You receive the greatest possible amount of knowledge in a short time
  • So far, we are the only consultancy to offer a health day designed exclusively for executives
  • The day is a perfect component for executive training on "Healthy leadership"

The company has included employee health in its corporate guidelines and values, and it aims to further improve CHM, particularly through the multiplier effect of executives. Ideally, the company has been audited in line with the Corporate Health Award quality model and knows what optimisation potential there is.

Content is always tailored to the company’s specific situation. The following areas of focus are possible:

  • Leadership 4.0 – Leadership principles in the age of digitalisation
  • Respectful communication as a key skill
  • Addiction prevention for executives
  • Resilience − in order to safeguard performance in the long term

Integration within corporate processes:
The EHD can be integrated into annual CHM plans as a measure for promoting health at the workplace or included in the training concept for executives. EHD content can be alternatively or additionally incorporated into annual strategy meetings of top-level management.

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