Executive Health

Digitalisation is one of the greatest challenges executives face.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is giving rise to a paradigm shift that needs leaders who are equal to the challenge. Leading in the age of Industry 4.0 is considerably more demanding than before. It requires a skills profile that has to constantly expand and undergo modification through lifelong learning. This is not easy, and it takes a vast amount of energy every day. One aspect of lifelong learning is health − especially that of executives. The focus here is on corporate health management (CHM), which German companies have been addressing for many years with varying levels of commitment. Steinbach & Partner has also acquired skills in this area over many years, establishing a network of experts in the process.

By taking advantage of our services, you are able to review how well developed the culture of promoting workplace health is at your company. You will specifically strengthen your executives and all of their skills relating to "Healthy leadership".

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Dr.-Ing. Peter Becker
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