Führung in der Arbeitswelt 4.0

Learn how to leverage cultural diversity to boost creativity, unity and performance

In our multicultural and fast changing environment, it is essential to embrace diversity, bridge cultural gaps, learn from cultural differences for more creativity, allowing us to act responsibly, overcome divisions, live meaningfully and strive for internal and external unity.

Leadership and coaching that integrates multiple perspectives is a powerful vehicle for enabling sustainable and global success for ourselves and others. The seminar focuses on the cultural perspective in the context of a broader vision that also integrates physical, managerial, psychological, political and spiritual perspectives.

The objective of the 3 day seminar i s to equip leaders, HR professionals, coaches, trainers and consultants to systematically integrate the cultural dimension into their work The seminar is also destined for interculturalists eager to integrate coaching into their work. The workshop is accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

Day 1   Integrating the Cross-cultural Dimension into Leadership  and Coaching 
Day 2   Leading and Coaching of Individuals, Teams and        Organizations 
Day 3   Engaging in Your Own High-performance and High-fulfilment Journey 

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How this seminar with Steinbach & Partner benefits you:

>    You will learn how to release full potential in individuals enabling greater and sustainable success by making the most of alternative cultural perspectives. 
>    You will acquire skills that allow you to extend beyond cultural norms, values and beliefs when leading a diverse workforce or coaching clients.
>    You will discover creative solutions to leverage cultural differences and address complex and multidimensional callenges.
>    You will gain higher levels of self-awareness and personal fulfillment while enhancing your positive impact on others.
>    You will maximize opportunities from diversity and achieve superior results for your organization. 
>    You will become certified to use and administer the COF (Cultural Orientations Framework) online assessment with individuals, teams and organizations. 


Lead Executive Coach Trainer - Philippe Rosinski

Philippe Rosinski is a world authority in global leadership development, executive coaching, and team coaching. He is the author of the COF assessment tool for individuals, teams and organizations. The Harvard Business School chose his ground-breaking book Coaching Across Cultures (published in ten languages) as its featured book recommendation in the category of business leadership. 

Co-Facilitator - Gregory Rastello 

Gregory Rastello is a multicultural consultant in Executive Search & Organizational Development with 20 years of experience in Asia. He is Partner for East and Southeast Asia at Steinbach & Partner. He has been helping corporations to develop their multicultural leadership teams in Asia and Europe. 

Venue: 22 - 24 November 2019, Singapore

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