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The programme: individual planning and management

The foundation of all our careers advice services is evaluating you personally and professionally. This is the basis for beginning our comprehensive consulting process, which addresses your personality, skills and goals. Scientifically validated aptitude-testing methods provide you with a clear picture of yourself and the way your superiors, colleagues and employees perceive you. Afterwards we help you to optimise your application documents in terms of both their content and design, and to prepare you for a convincing, professional presentation. Select your customised programme from the following modules:

Professional programme
This module trains specialists without management duties or specialists who are about to assume their first management duties. Experience has shown us that this module is best completed together with a personality assessment.

Executive programme
Here we provide experienced executives with comprehensive mentoring and the opportunity for in-depth reflection. It is best completed together with a management assessment.

Individual consulting programme/careers coaching
We meet your personal needs and demands with customised coaching that fits in with your current circumstances.

Personality assessment/management assessment
You will gain enlightening experiences during our assessments. The results and the feedback talk will pave the way for your further development, helping you to strategically align your professional career.

This is where we help you with your professional reorientation. Based on a comprehensive situation analysis, we help you to set out the strategic steps that you can take towards a successful future.

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