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It’s no secret that China can be both a challenging and a rewarding place to do business but it’s also different from any other market. New products, opportunities, challenges, and regulations occur at a much faster rate than in many developed markets, and ways and channels of communication can be wholly different. 

To succeed in China, among other things, leaders need to:

  • Build trust locally to find out what’s happening within a high-context communication culture
  • Build trust with headquarters to communicate needs and their reasons succinctly 
  • Be agile and decisive enough to respond quickly,  
  • Develop the next generation of leaders and hire “best fit” new managers for future growth

Recognizing this we have expanded our Chinese Competence Centre. Along with our offices in Shanghai, we are present in Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan.

We can help you hire senior executives who can function well in international environments, advise on assessment and retention strategies, and coach and train new and old leaders to be even more successful in China and beyond.

In addition, as Chinese company’s increasingly buy into European markets, we can do the same in reverse for them.


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