Aleko Vanglis
is Consultant at Steinbach & Partner in Germany.

Aleko has completed a training a indutry merchant and studied theology. In 2005 he graduated as Youth Officer and in 2008 was ordained as deacon of the protestant state church in Baden-Württemberg. Aleko worked in leadership positions with young people and in 2013 started a NPO with a small team of young leaders aiming for personality development. In 2019 he started a training as systemic coach at ABIS in Stuttgart. In 2020 he was certified as RbC (Resulzs-based Conversations) Process Moderator and as HOGAN® Management Assessment Consultant.

Since 2020 Aleko is part of the Competence Center "Industry" and works in our team in Stuttgart. He is primarily involved in training and coaching of leaders and teams, moderation of future related processes and Executice Search mandates. He is in charge of building up and maintaining a leadership community "Führen mit Herz", our leadership podcast "shipleader" and organizing regional leadership meetings and impulse days.

Aleko speaks German, English and Greek.